Getting started with Kuiqlink!

Getting started with Kuiqlink!

  1. Start with creating an account in Kuiqlink (you will be automatically given full access for 14 days, upgrade or downgrade anytime).

A verification link will be sent to your registered email address (make sure you check your Spam folder also)

Give your Project a name (Where you can have your Smart Pages and Shortened links -the number of pages and links is following your Plan-)

Add links to your Smart page

From your dashboard, click on “Blocks” to see the list of your active links and sections. Click on “Add” and choose “Link” from the list
Copy-paste the desired URL and give your button a name and that`s it.

Add links

Simply click on the link and will be able to update : 
The URL, The colors, The button design, or even duplicate the whole button (useful in you want to keep the same design for all your buttons) … etc 
See below

Update links

Add Videos

Simply copy-paste you Video URL and a YouTube block will be displayed in your Smart page where visitors can watch the video without leaving to YouTube app.
You can always update your Video by changing the URL without the need to update anything else in your Page.

Youtube videos

You can also add Videos from Youtube (or any source) as Links.
Copy your Video/Channel/Playlist URL and choose “Link” and paste the URL.

Youtube 2

Scheduling links

Scheduling a link is a very interesting option where you can set a time for a link or a post to be available on your page (Flash sale Promo -for instance-). your link will appear on your Smart page only within the time you set. Let`s see how.

  1. Click on the link name and then you will see a drop down menu with the link settings.
  2. Scroll down to “Schedule” and hit the Toggle next to it to enable it.
  3. Pick the start date and time and the end date and time of your choice and hit update at the bottom. 
  • The time follows your country set in your account, make sure you choose the right location.
  • You can always update your scheduling time if you got any changes to your plan.
  • Scheduling works with all the links and blocks available in Kuiqlink


link Scheduling
Once you sit a schedule a link it you will not see in your Smart page but the Block will always remains there.


To animate a button you need to:

  1. Choose the block you want to animate.
  2. Scroll down to “Animation”
  3. choose the animation you want.
  4. In the same section (in “Border Radius”) you can play with the setting to change the shape of the button.
  5. Once done click Update.
button animation

Colors and Backgrounds

Your page, your colors, your customization … this is what are trying our best to deliver to our clients with Kuiqlink. 
We have 4 options for you to choose to get the Smart page 

We have in Kuiqlink 6 Presets of gradients to choose from, you may pick the one you want.

If you area minimalist and you prefer single colors you can choose from the color picker menu or add the color hex code.

If you choose ” Gradient” then you will be asked to choose 2 colors, choose from the color picker or enter the color hex code to get the Gradient color you want.

You can as well upload your own image to be your Smart Page background. In order for it to look great on the mobile-view, we recommend an image with a size of 1920×1080.

Change colors

There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you get the perfect colors together; we recommend:

  • For Single colors, you can use Color-hex
  • For Gradient colors: The best tools are UI Gradients or Webgradients
    (copy-paste the color hex code in the color field in your Dashboard).​

Remove/edit Footer branding

  1. Go to “Setting”
  2. Scroll down to “Branding”.
  3. Use the Toggle to enable or disable the branding part
  4. If you want to use your own brand simply key in the text and enter the URL you want.
    For the record: the URL in the Branding side should be a full path (example: and not
branding control